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Who is CC Bear?

CC Bear LTD is named after a girl, CC and her dog, Bubba the Bear. They are real live-beings, who have gone through real-life journeys and share a remarkable life together in England. They are the best of friends.

CC’s food & nutrition background and Bubba’s total obsession with food landed CC in her kitchen with the intent to create a Wellness-Based dog biscuit that would satisfy Bubba’s appetite and satisfy CC’s high standards from an ingredient and quality perspective. Together they spent hours in the kitchen, creating, baking and testing biscuits. The Bubba approved flavours were shared with friends & neighbours and when people offered to start buying the biscuits, CC & Bubba decided to get serious about a business.

Today, CC Bear LTD. is a Wellness-Based Dog Biscuit company located in England. Our four offerings Well Being, Heart Smart, Digest Best & Skin Soothe use whole food, human grade, organic and Wellness-Based ingredients to help dogs enjoy their treats with animal health, welfare, extreme quality and an artisan production method in mind. We are strong believers in the saying that ‘You Are What You Eat’ and that this applies to everyone in the family. Our CC Bear blog provides recipes for meals, snacks and treats that the whole family, two and four-legged can enjoy together as part of a balanced, Wellness-Based life.

What does Wellness for Dogs mean?

We love that by definition Wellness means a healthy and balanced mind, body and spirit that contributes to an overall feeling of well-being. Wellness is not about an absence of illness, but rather a collective state of existence that links physical health with emotional and mental well-being. We believe that this definition extends to every member of the family, including the four-legged ones. Our biscuits aim to help balance the diet and encourage peak physical condition and our blog aims to address dietary, mind and spirit ideals that surround our dogs and ourselves. Wellness for Dogs means that we are doing our best to keep our best friends in an optimum and balanced state of mind, body and spirit.

Are your biscuits suitable for all dogs?

Yes. All dogs past proper weaning age are welcome to eat our treats. In fact, we encourage it! Dogs who are pregnant, lactating, have allergies or on medication should probably be advised by a veterinarian about what food and treats they should or should not eat.

Where is the CC Bear range stocked?

At present we are available nationwide through this website for orders. If you are a retailer, veterinarian, caregiver or stockist interested in selling our biscuits we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please contact us at info@ccbear.com.

What is the story behind your Ingredients?

We take great pride in the quality of our ingredients. We believe that the saying ‘You are What You Eat’ applies to dogs as well as people and since we want our precious dogs to be the best possible versions of themselves they can be, we try only to include the finest in our biscuits! We are a whole foods product, with no dairy, gluten or soya included and we don’t use any dyes, preservatives or additives. Our ingredients are sourced from the same supply chain as any ingredient you will find on grocery store shelves which yes, makes our dog biscuits entirely edible for humans as well! We choose organic ingredients wherever possible and if we can’t find an organic option, we spend effort finding a product that is as close to organically produced as possible. Furthermore, we are proud to say that no animals are ever harmed in the creation of our product as our ingredients are entirely vegan. For more information about our sourcing and ingredients, please see our Ingredients section.

Why are your biscuits more expensive than others on the market?

Simply put, our ingredients and baking process make our biscuits more expensive than other biscuits on the market. The fact that we use organic ingredients, that they are sourced from within the human supply chain and that we choose suppliers who are British-based and care about how their employees and the earth is treated makes our sourcing more expensive. Additionally, we use Wellness-Based ingredients. This means that we use items like organic coconut oil, seaweed, organic beetroot, and herbs & spices that have been touted for their ‘Wellness-Based’ qualities and these also cost more. We could have used vegetable oil instead of coconut oil but we felt strongly about including coconut oil in our product for its potential health benefits like flea prevention, anti-inflammatory and its skin boosting properties.

In addition, our bakery produces our biscuits in small batches in ovens, ensuring an artisan quality product baked at a lower temperature than some other cooking methods which produces a product that we hope holds on to more natural vitamins, minerals and essential oils and is fresh finished product. Our baking process is similar to how you would bake biscuits at home…fresh, in small batches and with love and good intention inside. These two main factors are what cost us more money during production and that costs is passed on to the customer on the shelf. In return for the higher cost, you can be assured of the quality, the traceable ingredients entirely edible for humans and the Wellness-Based production principles of our baking process.

Do your biscuits treat specific medical conditions?

NO. They do not aim to treat any medical conditions but rather encourage balance and overall health in your dog. We use specific plant based ingredients that are believed to encourage health in animals as well as humans but that does not mean they will treat medical conditions. If you have any concerns about your dog’s health please seek help and advice from a veterinarian as soon as you can.

We would also note that if your dog is on prescription medication for any illness, our Digest Best biscuit contains activated charcoal. He or she should not eat Digest Best biscuits within 2 hours of taking medication as the charcoal can absorb the medicine and render it ineffective. Outside of these 2 hours, Digest Best should be perfectly okay to eat but if you have doubts or questions we would advise you to seek the advice of your veterinarian.

Do you have a Loyalty Programme of any sort?

As a matter of fact we do! If you click on the tab that reads ‘Earn Loyalty Rewards!’ in the lower right hand corner of our website, you can sign up to be a part of our Loyalty Programme. You will earn points for purchasing biscuits, points for signing up for an account with and points for referring friends who purchase from our website. For every 70 points you acquire, you receive a FREE bag of biscuits. We even reward your dog on his special birthday or adoption date with points...so he never feels left out! We want our customers to feel appreciated, recognized and loved and this is our small way of showing them how grateful we are for their loyalty to us.

Does the CC Bear range include any allergens?

Of the 14 ingredients currently required to be listed on (human) food products as per the EU Food Information for Consumers Labelling Regulation, our Skin Soothe biscuit is the only flavour of ours with an allergen – Peanut Butter. If you are allergic to peanuts and should not be around or touch peanut products, we advise that you (but not necessarily your dog) steers clear of this offering. Otherwise, our biscuits contain none of the allergens on this list.

Pet food and biscuit labelling have no requirements for allergen listings. There are no animal products, no dairy, no soya, no corn and no gluten in our products. If your dog suffers from a food allergy, please consult your vet prior to feeding him our biscuits.

How much do you charge for shipping & where do you ship your biscuits?

Shipping and delivery is FREE for purchases over 15 GBP. Any purchase for less than this amount will incur a 2 GBP shipping charge.

We deliver throughout all of the UK using Royal Mail, including the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. All orders are sent in a mailing box that fits through a standard size letter box. Should you not be home at the time of delivery and the mailer does not fit through your letter box, Royal Mail will leave an attempted delivery receipt. This will allow for you to arrange for an alternate delivery date or to collect the package at a local post office branch.

For deliveries within most of the UK, we try our hardest to send all orders received before 3pm on the same day. Orders placed after this time will be sent on the next business day. We do not deliver on UK bank holidays so please allow an extra business day for delivery. As always, if there are any questions or concerns we are happy to help so don't hesitate to Contact Us!

Any other thoughts or items of note you feel we should know about?

Only that our biscuits are created in Britain with LOVE, good intention and a community spirit in mind. We want our customers to engage with us, to share their ideas, pictures & stories about their dogs with us and to participate in helping us create a community with Wellness for Dogs in mind. Please reach out with any questions or contributions as we love to hear from all who are out there reading, cooking and participating in Wellness-Based activities with their furry friends.