Image of CC holding a Wellness Based Dog Biscuit over a dog's head while she asks for a kiss from him.

Loves: Bubba the Bear, Wellness-Based Dog Biscuits, Wellness for Dogs, Sustainably & Ethically Sourced Ingredients, Cookies, Wellness-Focused Eating Habits, London, Dogs, Helping People and Pets to Lead Healthy, Wholesome Lives

The 'CC' in CC Bear moved to London five years ago having worked as a Natural & Therapeutic Chef in the States. She taught about and cooked for people suffering from chronic illnesses in the way she believed was the best way forward for good health; through wholesome, natural and wellness-focused eating habits.  Upon arriving in London, her travels (and eating!) around Europe inspired a desire to learn the art of pastry and European dessert.  She subsequently earned a patisserie certificate from Westminster Kingsway College and worked in the pastry kitchen at a five-star London hotel before deciding to create CC Bear Edibles.

Her nutrition knowledge, pastry experience & and the love she has for keeping Bubba the Bear at his best led her down the road of creating his favourite biscuits with Wellness-Based ingredients.  If Bubba was going to eat biscuits, it seemed only right to try and add a few little ingredients into his cookies that might help him to feel good. The cookies were shared with friends & their pups at the dog park and soon enough people suggested she sell them.

CC's philosophy of food is always reflected in her biscuits. Ingredients are always mindfully-sourced, bought locally and organically as often as possible and combined in a loving way with good intention.  CC provides biscuits that are handmade & fresh, bringing the idea of a local bakery for dogs to the front door of homes around Britain. CC marries old-world ideals with the benefit of modern-day technology to create a place where busy people who care about what ingredients go into their dogs but don't have the time or the place to do it themselves can indulge at the press of a button. CC Bear Edibles brings contentment, joy and pleasure to CC's life and she aspires to provide the same for her CC Bear customers.