Image of Bear the black, mixed breed dog standing in front of a lake at Richmond Park.

Loves: Biscuits, Food, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Walks, Begging for Food, Drooling for Food, Waiting for Food to be Dropped from the Table, Rides in the Car, Swimming, London, Leftovers, Red Peppers, Bananas, Blueberries and...did we mention, Food?

Bubba the Bear is the inspiration behind our Wellness-Based biscuits.  Found in the wilds of the Navajo Nation in Arizona he became a part of our family when he was just over a year old.  He is now fourteen and through his journey on the path to socialization we discovered that Bubba learned to trust people through food.  He has made his ‘Friends with Food’ as far west as San Francisco and now lives happily in England where he is well aware of who the best food sources are in his neighbourhood and surrounding parks. 

A bout with Lyme Disease that was difficult to recuperate from helped us to change his diet and ultimately transform his health and energy levels. This peaked our interest in experimentation with foods, fats and treats in our kitchen over the years and we often share food together which keeps our whole family feeling healthy and energetic.  We love sharing some of our foods with Bubba throughout the week and we are motivated to eat a Wellness based diet because it means that he is eating for wellness too.  

Bubs is the hungriest dog on the planet and is highly food motivated.  We are certain that if he could talk, he would tell you that he does not receive enough food…ever.  He is the bright light of our family and a source of happiness, love and constant joy.  He is the chief taste tester of our biscuits but actually not one we trust as he has the least discerning palate of any dog we know.  We have had to go outside the house for accurate taste tests at CC Bear, but he has been with us every step of the way and has benefited greatly from recipe, baking and taste tests.