Who we areWho we are

We are a small, family run producer of Wellness-Based dog biscuits.  We are based in England, our biscuits are made in England and all of our ingredient suppliers are in England.  Our biscuits are made from whole-food, natural ingredients that come from the same supply chain as human food ingredients.  We believe in the amazing nutritional power of plants and as such our biscuits are Vegan, they contain no preservatives or additives, and we use Organic ingredients whenever possible.     

Anyone with a dog knows the symbiotic, magical relationship between man and dog.  As we at CC Bear have tried to incorporate clean eating and Wellness based foods into our own diet, we have done the same with our sweet dog Bubba the Bear.  Since he eats a primarily meat-based diet, we compliment his nutritional intake with loads of cooked vegetables, fruits, spices and plant based fats from our own home cooked meals.  Our biscuits are an extension of this idea, as you won’t find any ingredient in our biscuits that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.  They are intended to spread the idea of Wellness and diet into snack based treats for dogs. 

Furthering the idea of Wellness and the incredibly close relationship between humans and dogs, you will find recipes in the Blog section of our website for Wellness based meals that are intended for the whole family; as meals for human plates and snacks or meal toppings for our beloved four legged friends.  Visit, enjoy and we invite you to join our world of Wellness for Dogs through our Frequent Buyer Programme, our Newsletter and our social media accounts.  We love hearing from all of you and encourage you to reach out and engage.