All Natural Handmade Cheddar Thyme Dog Biscuit Recipe

All Natural Handmade Cheddar Thyme Dog Biscuit Recipe

One of our most favourite human recipes here in the CC Bear household is Cheddar & Thyme our estimation there is nothing better for breakfast or lunch with some fresh salad greens.

Wanting to spread the Cheddar & Thyme love on to our furry friend we created a dog biscuit recipe that shares the same primary ingredients as our favourite quiche.  Time and time again we both have enjoyed the loveliness of our individual treats and best of all I am always able to use up some of my leftover cheddar and thyme in the dog biscuits so that my ingredients do not go to waste.

Image of three heart shaped CC Bear homemade all natural Cheddar Thyme Dog Biscuits  

Needless to say, our friend absolutely loves his biscuits and when we once gave a bundle to a friend for her dogs, she placed them on the kitchen counter and her family ate them up thinking they were crackers.  The dogs missed out but all human family members concurred that the biscuits were quite delicious!    

These are always a hit with our lovely four legged friend and his friends.  I never hesitate to feed them as they are homemade, full of love, and have ingredients inside that are wholesome, natural and full of goodness.

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