The Vegan Dog in The NY Times

The Vegan Dog in The NY Times

We were very interested to see a recent article published in the NY Times about how many dog owners, in keeping with their own lifestyles, are turning to vegan diets for their dogs in order to address health, environmental and ethical concerns for the whole family.  It is a great read as it addresses a lot of  issues surrounding whether or not vegan diets are good for dogs.  It is a balanced article and in summary, just like us humans, we think it is fair to say that each dog is very different in how it reacts, digests and thrives on foods so whilst a vegan diet may work for some it might not be good for others.  

That being said, the beauty of our vegan biscuits is that they are cruelty-free, no animal is harmed or used in making our treats.  Additionally, every ingredient in our biscuits has been chosen for its nutritional properties - there are no extras and there is no junk - for this very reason.  In other words, each calorie counts for something really, really good and if your dog is a meat eater like ours is, we view our biscuits as another way to round out his diet with the power of plants and different nutrients than what he receives for his meal meals.

For the full NY Times article, please click on the following link:

Woman with her Vegan Dog link to NY Times Vegan Dog Article


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