The Benefits of Turmeric - A Natural Anti-Inflammatory Wonder for You and Your Dog

The Benefits of Turmeric - A Natural Anti-Inflammatory Wonder for You and Your Dog

We started to notice that in the run up to his 13th birthday, our Bear was having some pain in his right shoulder and hip.  As we monitored the situation and worked with our vet on a plan moving forward into his senior years, we also looked into complimentary therapies that might help like laser, stretching and swimming.  We also started in with various food supplements to try and give his joints and muscles tender loving care. Not surprisingly, it was also the inspiration behind our Well Being biscuits which he loves and eats with gusto.  One of the key ingredients in these biscuits is organic turmeric, a bright golden-colored spice used most commonly in Indian cooking which has been used as an anti-inflammatory in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines for thousands of years.
A PhD by the name of Bharat Aggarwal, formerly of the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Texas dedicated much of his career to researching and shining a light on the properties of turmeric.  He published a number of studies pertaining to the powerful effects that turmeric has on the body, especially when it comes to reducing inflammation and as he strongly believes, in fighting cancer.  A quick Google search will turn up a number of well researched articles about turmeric and its possible wellness benefits.
As a result we added a turmeric paste recipe to Bear's diet that is 'dolloped' over his meals.  He laps it up with wild abandon and we all feel great knowing that all of the delicious and incredible wellness-based properties that turmeric contains is helping Bear to feel better without the side-effects that a full prescription anti-inflammatory pill might have on his long term health.  The paste is easy to make and stores very well in the refrigerator, so a good sized batch will last the week.  

We can't help but think that this turmeric paste is an incredible boost to add to any dog's meal on a regular basis.  The benefits offered by turmeric, from boosting digestive health to relieving some arthritis pain as well as possible cardiovascular improvements, suggest that we (humans and canines) should all be consuming this on a regular basis in our diets.  Whether your dog is robust and lively or is experiencing some health challenges, it could be a great natural consideration as an extra insurance policy for your dog and your own health!
The wellness promoting turmeric paste recipe at right belongs to Australian veterinarian Dr. Doug English.  We humans add it to meats, on crackers and into hummus and we find it quite palatable.  Bear is happy to have it stirred right into his food! 

A few health notes:  
  • Turmeric on its own has a bitter flavour.  When fat is added to the paste, it not only helps the body to absorb turmeric's nutritional benefits but it also helps to mellow out the flavor of the turmeric, making it more palatable and much more delicious to eat.  
  • The black pepper in this recipe is great from a flavor standpoint but has also shown promise in helping the body to absorb the wellness properties and nutrition from the turmeric in higher amounts so we really encourage people not to leave the ground pepper out of this recipe!
  • Turmeric does not stay in the body for very long, so we highly encourage dogs and people to include this Golden Paste throughout the day in all of their meals rather than eating it in one go at breakfast or dinner.  In other words, split up the total amount of Golden Paste you and your dog eat for the whole day into smaller amounts and consume it throughout. 
We hope the whole family feels great and enjoys this easy and wellness-based recipe that will help keep everyone well and feeling fit! 

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  • Samuel Jones on

    I feel more alive than ever! Since I’ve been noshing on these biscuits I just feel so much fitter, healthier and more mobile. Thanks to CC Bear there’s life in the old dog yet!

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