Organic Turmeric

Frankly we just don’t know where to begin with turmeric’s incredible Wellness benefits.  We will start by saying that it would seem that the biggest downside to turmeric is that the body does not absorb its benefits easily which is why we think dog treats are the perfect delivery vehicle for turmeric’s miracles.  A small amount of treats evenly distributed throughout the day is a great way to provide a consistent flow of turmeric into the system.  Additionally, our Well Being biscuits combine turmeric with coconut oil (fat) and ground black pepper, two foods that have been proven to help the body absorb turmeric, ensuring that more benefits are delivered into the body instead of turning into waste.  Curcumin is a component of turmeric that takes credit for many of its powerful Wellness properties, but as more research is published it seems that turmeric as a whole also has incredible Wellness capabilities.  Historically studied for its anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer benefits, further research has shown promise in the improvement of cognitive function, regulation of blood sugar & kidney function and helping to decrease severity of symptoms associated with certain types of arthritis and digestive disorders.  Turmeric is a fantastic all rounder for preventative Wellness which is why we have included it in our all-round goodness based Well Being biscuit.  

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