Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a member of the mint family though its name is derived from its strong and delicious lemon-like scent. It is known in herbal medicine to have calming properties.  A good source of the antioxidants eugenol and rosmarinic acid, lemon balm has been studied for its support of brain function, blood sugar regulation & liver detoxification.  We have used it as an ingredient in our Skin Soothe biscuit because it is known for its calming effect on the skin.  In fact, there is written evidence of the Queen of Hungary using lemon balm to ‘erase the years’ from her skin in the 1300s.  Topical lemon balm is used to help treat the skin when symptoms of redness and itching are present from both infections and eczema.  Additionally, we love lemon balm for its history of insect bite and sting treatment.  The smell of lemon balm which we love so much, thanks in part to the essential oil citronella, is offensive to insects which makes it a fantastic natural insect repellent.

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