Rapid Growing Industry

With vast development prospect and high entry barrier, the pet industry produces and markets all by itself. The heavy investment of land, factory, equipment, research, talents etc. and afterwards management are energy-consuming. Bridge is your best partner, enabling you to focus on marketing and leading you to success.

OEM is the most important way for a foreign company to explore Chinese market. A poorly recognized foreign brand faces a variety of problems to build a factory by itself, such as long construction period, high cost and so on. OEM can avoid to get short of supply and loss customers because of trade barriers. 

Same Production Line as NatureBridge and Kitchen Flavor Assured Product Quality as Our Brands

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  • Team


    Professional OEM team and R&D team

    Technology Center: 30 people

    Production Group: 100 people

    400 Excellent After-Sales Specialists

    Professional Storage Standard

  • Service


    Qualified After-Sales Service 

    Provide Professional 

    Training Courses: Pets Pathology, Pets Nutrition and etc. 

    Batch Query Service

  • Production


    The Newest Production Line

    From Europe and America Imported Production Equipments

    (Shanghai) / Leading Domestic Brand Equipments (Shandong)

    Professional Storage Standard

    Brand is of equal importance to factory value.

    Focus on products quality, long-term cooperation.

  • Choice Throughout All Ranges
    Value-Added Service
    Distributors Recruitment
  • Domestic Distributors

    Domestic Distributors

    Abundant capital.
    All-win together and be a pioneer.

    Only sell Bridge's products and no competing products.

    Active trader model of high quality wholesale service.

  • Retailers


    Be willing to feature our products,
    our products and advertising/promotion items should be above 50%.

  • Global Distributors

    Global Distributors

    Same requirements as domestic distributors which should be in deep cooperation with most local retailers.